How the La Selle service works


First contact

Our distribution partners get in touch with our customers via E-mail or phone. An appointment at the stable is made, to evaluate the customers’ requests and horses’ needs.


Collecting data

During a thorough initial interview, the sales partner will learn as much as possible about the rider and horse (eg health, vitality, riding style and temperament, health history, abnormalities, saddle reactions and experiences) and thus gain an impression of interaction and possible starting points. The distribution partner does the complete documentation of all necessary data and fills out the form "horse and rider" with the customer.


Surveying and ordering the test saddles

It is necessary that a saddle perfectly fits the horse and the rider. The measurements need to be done carefully and systematically. The riders’ length of the leg in the stirrups and proportion of thigh to lower leg are judged. Based on this data, as well as size and weight, which are noted in the form, La Selle recognizes which seat size is best suited for the rider and how the flap length should be chosen. An additional feedback is the riders’ feeling in the test saddle.

When measuring the horse, the distribution partner checks the position and posture of the horse: It is important that the horse stands on a solid horizontal surface with straight, parallel legs and relaxed neck. As first step, the horses’ shoulder and withers are documented with a measuring wire (shoulder angle and shoulder width). After that, 2 more measurements with a distance of 15 cm each and a longitudinal measurement of the backline are recorded.

The measurements provide information on whether the horse is right- or left-leaning or has other remarkable, anatomical features. At this point it can already be spotted whether the horse has developed bad posture or pain points.

The distribution partner analyses further, which gullet, cap plate and panels the horse needs. With this data, a fitting test saddle is selected.

Domi stehend




vermessung 2


Getting the test saddle

La Selle collects all given data and checks the analysis of the distribution partner. If the best fitting leather tree test saddle is found and all data is complete, the package with the test saddle including accessories will be sent to the customer or to the sales partner, as was required.

probereiten 1
probereiten 2



Checking the fit of the test saddle

The leather tree saddle can be tested by the customer for 5 days, free of charge. During this time, the distribution partner will arrange an on-site fit control appointment, where they can observe the saddle behavior of the customer and the horse, as well as analyze the riding style and document the satisfaction of horse and rider.

The customer sends the test saddle back to the saddlery at his own expense.



Ordering a new leather tree saddle

The distribution partner accepts the saddle order of the customer for the production of a saddle with the desired individualizations. In addition, the customer can order accessories according to his wishes.

The customer gets an offer. Upon his confirmation she receives the bill. Once the amount has been transferred, the production of the saddle is initiated in our saddlery.




Saddle Production

sattelproduktion 4


The La Selle saddle production - craftsmanship with modern materials

The saddle production starts after the saddle was ordered and paid by our customer. La Selle saddles are manufactured in traditional craftsmanship. Each saddle is built to fit exact specifications and become a masterpiece of craft and utmost perfection.

After placing the order in production the La Selle quality Team, which had contact with the customer or distribution partner, is consulted to review the exact fit of the saddle we’re going to build.

The production in our saddle manufacture begins with the selection of leather types. Our saddlers choose the leather according to your order. We use vegetable-tanned leather, which is particularly long-lasting due to the treatment with natural waxes and oils. In addition the flap-leathers of our saddles are protected with a special finish, which makes them more water- and UV-resistant.

The leather is cut, following the guidelines of traditional craftsmanship. This guarantees the quality and durability of our saddles. Only the best and faultless parts of a hide are used.

At every step the individual customer needs must be considered, since each La Selle leather tree saddle is a traditional, unique product.

The saddle tree, made in many steps, is completed with gullet and cap plate. It’s the foundation and backbone of every La Selle saddle.

When processing the leather, we combine modern technology and manual work. We work with high quality machines to split and sew, but most of the more than 1000 steps in producing a La Selle saddle are done by hand.

All items are individually and by hand, matched for horse and ride.

For our saddle models featuring knee rolls, the parts made of our durable foam must be sanded, adapted to the shape of the saddle and covered with leather before the saddle flap can be attached. Any changes of one part, can affect all other parts of the saddle and must be taken into account precisely from the start.

When the flaps are attached, the panels must be built and fastened. When cutting and sanding the panel foam, the peculiarities of the horse's back are taken into account, so that the saddle will be perfectly balanced in the center of gravity. Like the seat, the panels consist of various layers of foam, sponge rubber and leathers. The pockets, with which it is possible to upholster the saddle with wool, must be sewn. The seat is covered and finally sewn.

Many different steps on the La Selle saddle, such as attaching the panels, the straps and the loops for stirrups, require elaborate hand seams, which guarantee the best durability.

Finishing a saddle, a beautiful work of craft has been created at La Selle.


Quality control






After the saddle has been finished by our saddlers and our master saddler is satisfied with the work, the quality is once again checked by our sales team. The saddle is thus again judged by the one who has given the order to the saddlery, based on the taken measurements and communication with the customer.

This ensures that our customers are absolutely satisfied with their saddle, and that it perfectly fits the horse and rider!


Saddle delivery and follow-up

The La Selle saddle is delivered to the customer.


Within 3 months after delivery, the distribution partner will do a follow-up check on the custom saddle.

Only when the customer is satisfied, the sales process for La Selle is completed.