Feedback on our eBook

Andrew way

I downloaded the ebook and am happy to say that there is finally a properly explained book for us laypeople to use to determine whether the saddle fits or not.
Many Thanks.
Andrea Weise

Emilia Seim, Gemünden

I want to say that I am very excited about your ebook. The design and the explanations are very nice and helpful for basic knowledge and unanswered questions. The e-book was downloaded within a few minutes and could be used without any further complications. Since I would very much like to inform myself and expand my knowledge, I quickly read through everything and was enthusiastic about it. Personally, the idea of ​​a saddle check ebook is for everyone.

Janina Claus

I can't say more than that I'm totally excited about the eBook ... great explanations, many unanswered questions have been clarified and yes, I think there will be one

La Selle Saddle :-)

e-book reader

Thank you very much for the eBook. I finally had time to read it properly. I found your site through Marc Lubetzki's podcast. I follow his master class. I think the book is explained very well, so that even a layman could understand it well. I was able to learn a lot and got the impression that even better trained horse people might still not know a lot. (or maybe it doesn't matter to many?)

Unfortunately I don't own a horse. (Although I hope to be able to do so someday). Nevertheless, I have started to deal with the topic a bit because of a horse that means a lot to me. He has a custom saddle that is adjusted every year. But still problems that I suspect could come from the saddle (for example very sensitive on the back, pushes away quickly when cleaning, stroking). In particular, the description of how the saddle has to be placed correctly and, above all, how the straps should be strapped - especially not too tight, gave me another possible explanation. Let's see what can be done with the information.

So, thank you again for letting me have the book for free.