Brina Revive

The La Selle felt saddle for a 1000kg Percheron

This was my 5th saddle purchase for my currently 6-year-old horse with unfavorable dimensions and a difficult saddle position. It's a curse. With this fact in mind, the disillusionment when opening the package was great. My fears:
- the saddle is certainly too small, looks lost on my horse like a tablecloth
- the stockings are too short in relation to the horse. The short belt would have to be 1.20m long
- the stirrup attachments are on the back instead of on the side
- the spinal canal is too narrow for my horse

After briefly considering whether to put the package back together straight away, I decided to at least try it.
After hanging up the first "Oh?!". The saddle fits well and frees the spinal canal. In addition, the saddle is a boon, especially for large horses, as it weighs almost nothing.
Climbing up was possible (although with a climbing aid) without holding up, although the seat belt was not yet fastened. The second "Oh!?".
The rider is well positioned, the shoulder is free. My horse went straight into a relaxed stance and started snorting. I was really surprised and so enthusiastic about my riding participation that she wanted to go for another round in the field. My horse obviously enjoyed it too. She walked free and calm. It wasn't until I saw that that I realized that she had extra work to balance herself and the rider with the Barefoot Saddle, which she uses to this day out of necessity.
None of my fears have been confirmed. I'm relieved and happy.

Long Story short: Wow!

Thank you for the friendly, patient and competent advice!