The special saddle stand from La Selle

Since we were repeatedly asked about our great saddle stand, which we use in our sales room and at trade fairs, we have decided to offer it for sale as well.

This extravagant saddle stand has a very special processing. In addition, a soft foam was worked into the hull, which forms an ideal test surface under the supple, covered cowhide overlay. During the saddle test, the customer has the feeling of sitting on the back of a real horse.

The test feeling in the saddle is made possible in a realistic manner and the customer immediately feels comfortable, just like later on the horse. This makes sense and differs from conventional saddle stand models. It stands on 4 sturdy wooden feet that can be quickly unscrewed during transport.

This saddle stand is only made to order and can be ordered in white, brown and black.

You can find the prices in the current price list.

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