Test riding properly...

... and trying the saddle in all circumstances. This is only possible with La Selle. Would you like to test the singular feeling of riding in an Epona? No problem. Just give us a call or email us. We will then set up an appointment for your test ride.

Nadja Steinforth, Nettetal

By the way, the Epona has become our favorite piece, I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world!

Avoiding back problems in the horse

Changes in your horse often don’t appear suddenly but rather gradually, making it hard for you as the horse owner to spot the problem in time. It is therefore a major advantage that all people dealing with horses will not shut their eyes or mouths when they see the first signs of troubles.

Friederike Pauksztat, Kiel

Tried the La Selle L'Art pour L'Art trial saddle on my horse today! The saddle is a dream! You can sit super comfortably and my horse was immediately totally relaxed and let go... He worked more happily than he had in a long time! Can only recommend this saddle with all my heart and Mrs. Irena Linke as a self-rider is a super competent advisor and helps you very nicely with all questions! This is how saddle fitting is fun! I can recommend everyone!!!

Back tightness in the horse

Muscle tightness plays a key role when it comes to problems in the equine locomotor system. At least, those tensions have a huge impact because they can result in a vicious circle, leading to recurrent blockades, injuries or chronic diseases.

Sabine Ridder-Gesing, Reken

The Epona. A decision for life. At least for mine! I've been looking for the "right" saddle for a long time. The choice wasn't big, it was supposed to be something special. But first and foremost it had to suit both of us. And also suit us. Simple yet attractive. I ride according to the academic art of riding, but I'm still a beginner. I also like going into the bush, letting my soul dangle for a while. The saddle should unite everything. Meet my requirements, look good, fit properly, cover all riding styles and allow "feeling". Lateral movements are important to me, my horse should remain supple into old age. A saddle tree would be in my way. With the Epona I have everything. I am particularly happy about the great advice, the nice people I got to know and that my special wishes have been fulfilled! Extra large, extra wide, extra long and an individual gallery. Perfectly made for us!!

The right saddle area

The saddle area is the part of the horse’s back on which the saddle is placed for riding. This area starts behind the shoulders and ends with the 18th thoracic vertebra. Only a rider sitting in this position can influence the horse well and doesn’t restrict its movements. It is as simple as that.

Lena to the Premium felt saddle

Hello Mrs. Mueller,

I would like to thank you and the entire team for receiving my felt saddle before Christmas.

In the meantime I have been able to use it extensively and look forward to being able to call it my own every day!

My young horse walks very nicely in the saddle and I can feel every movement very well thanks to the material.

We even dare to go off-road because I feel very safe and comfortable!

Greetings from Lena

The right saddle storage

In general, the place where you keep your tack should be easy to access. There is nothing more annoying than when you have to squeeze through the tack room to get your saddle from the back end. It is also advisable to store your tack near the grooming area to save energy and time.

Thomas Kirst, Holland

I received it yesterday evening. And I have to say when I saw it in front of me it was a real wow moment. The elegance exceeds my expectations. 'Jewel in white' is absolutely no exaggeration! I am very very excited! Almost too bad to use it as if it were just a saddle ;-)

Paula Witzel on the e-book

Hello La Selle team,

I thought the book was great!

It wasn't too long

Written very clearly and contained all the important information I needed,

to check my saddle.

Thanks a lot for this.

Kind regards, Paula Witzel

The saddle fit

What are the seven seals of fitting a saddle? – One of them is definitely an optimal saddle support area on the horse. But what determines a well-fitting saddle?

Julia Geiger on the La Selle felt saddle

Good morning Mrs. Müller,

The saddle has arrived and I'm really excited. He turned out beautiful. I haven't been able to test much yet, but as soon as I've gained more experience, I'll give feedback again. So far I'm super satisfied! I have attached 2 photos.

Warm greetings
Julia Geiger

The right saddle fitting

This is not about judging the horse’s conformation for medical or breeding reasons but rather about evaluating the parts of the horse that are crucial for fitting a saddle. Those parts are the shoulders, withers, back and rib cage.

Marion von Frieling-Salewsky on the Capriole Saddle

Dear La Selle team,

although I would never have chosen the saddle in this color combination (which fits my horse perfectly) and shape, I like it. The feeling of riding is very good, the knee rolls and galleries don't bother at all. My horse is also relaxed and happy with it. We both feel very comfortable with the saddle.

Kind regards - Marion von Frieling-Salewsky

Saddle problems

Saddles that slip are a common problem in horse riding. On the standing horse, everything is alright but in riding, the saddle slips forward. Many riders and experts are then at loss as there are several minor factors that cause the saddle to slip.

Sabine Bratke on the Masterpiece flex

Dear La Selle Team,

I was finally able to put his first saddle on our Elrond - the Masterpiece Flex.

The saddle has become beautiful and sits fantastically!

Many thanks also to Charlotte Brunka - who adjusted the saddle perfectly.

Greetings from Habichtswald
Sabine Bratke

The right training with the cavesson

The cavesson is mainly used for lunging and in ground work. It dates back to the time between the 16th and the 18th century, the cradle of classical dressage.

Claudia Kriechhammer, Austria

My saddle arrived on Saturday morning! I took part in a course on Saturday and Sunday and was able to start with my new saddle right away.
It fits my horse perfectly, the center of gravity is now optimal and I feel very comfortable on it. I'm really happy that everything went so well. A big thank you for your effort and kudos to the saddlers who were really able to make the gallery fit me. www.nht-claudia-kriechhammer.at

Josephine Voigt on the Capriole

Hello Irena, I just wanted to let you know that your saddle has conquered another branch of equestrian sport.

12th Saxonia Cup: 46 km in 3h 11min - 7th place out of 28 😉

Best regards

La Selle goes endurance 😁🏇

The right saddle girth

The saddle girth significantly affects the saddle position, so it's important to use the girth right!

Michaela Gindert, near Ingolstadt

With the La Selle L'Art pour L'Art we have finally found “our” saddle. The first saddle that could be perfectly adapted to Jules and in which I sit great. The direct transmission of the seating aids or the movement of the horse is just great! How easy riding can be... A whole new experience for us. Thanks very much!

Riding better with a La Selle saddle

The seat of the La Selle saddle allows you to find a balanced and natural seat. Many conventional saddles force the rider into a predetermined seating position. This may cause the rider to feel uneasy in the saddle or the horse to be restricted in its movement.

Melanie Artelt, Ingolstadt

Happy with our L'Art pour L'Art!
As expected, it turned out beautifully! The "tailored riding feeling" is unbelievable, I'm really, really excited! My horse, of course, too, I'm amazed at how he really thinks about the new "riding feeling" while riding, just great!
Many, many thanks for this wonderful saddle and warm greetings from Ingolstadt!

Katharina Porzelt & Fee, Bochum

Thank you for the quick and uncomplicated delivery of the Epona test saddle. We are already in love! I'm looking forward to when the time comes and we get our own Epona!

Headfirst Horse Blog

Erika Saame from Rötz

Hello Ms Linke,

The saddle is a dream.

My now 6-year-old Lipizzaner also feels very comfortable with it.

Kind regards and have a nice weekend

Erika Saame from Rötz

Nadine Horn on the La Selle "Premium" felt saddle

Hello Mrs. Mueller,

The wait was worth it. I am very enthusiastic about my new felt saddle. The materials and the workmanship are absolutely convincing, the decorative lily is beautiful and enhances the whole look of the saddle again. Unfortunately, I haven't ridden the good piece yet, my horse is not yet a riding horse and can first get used to ground work with a saddle on its back for a while. He saddled up like a pro the very first time.

Kind regards

Nadine Horn

Feedback on our eBook

Andrew way

I downloaded the ebook and am happy to say that there is finally a properly explained book for us laypeople to use to determine whether the saddle fits or not.
Many Thanks.
Andrea Weise

Emilia Seim, Gemünden

I want to say that I am very excited about your ebook. The design and the explanations are very nice and helpful for basic knowledge and unanswered questions. The e-book was downloaded within a few minutes and could be used without any further complications. Since I would very much like to inform myself and expand my knowledge, I quickly read through everything and was enthusiastic about it. Personally, the idea of ​​a saddle check ebook is for everyone.

Janina Claus

I can't say more than that I'm totally excited about the eBook ... great explanations, many unanswered questions have been clarified and yes, I think there will be one

La Selle Saddle :-)

e-book reader

Thank you very much for the eBook. I finally had time to read it properly. I found your site through Marc Lubetzki's podcast. I follow his master class. I think the book is explained very well, so that even a layman could understand it well. I was able to learn a lot and got the impression that even better trained horse people might still not know a lot. (or maybe it doesn't matter to many?)

Unfortunately I don't own a horse. (Although I hope to be able to do so someday). Nevertheless, I have started to deal with the topic a bit because of a horse that means a lot to me. He has a custom saddle that is adjusted every year. But still problems that I suspect could come from the saddle (for example very sensitive on the back, pushes away quickly when cleaning, stroking). In particular, the description of how the saddle has to be placed correctly and, above all, how the straps should be strapped - especially not too tight, gave me another possible explanation. Let's see what can be done with the information.

So, thank you again for letting me have the book for free.

Mary Göhler about the La Selle "Premium" felt saddle

Dear Irena, dear Mrs. Müller,

Here is the promised feedback: on the first ride = ride out, my horse Orlano clearly tensed up in the seat without the padding and was clearly in the "attention" position. Otherwise he never is. So during the first test ride in the forest I unsaddled and pushed the padding into the seat. The issue was dealt with promptly, and the horse ran as relaxed as possible. I was able to feel significantly more than with the tree saddle. However, my pommel variant was not optimally chosen. I sat a bit too wide and my personal problem was felt in my abdomen. After this first ride, I tried out other variations at home on the saddle stand. The really ingeniously successful thing about your saddle is that you can reach every part of the seat with your own padding material and even attach your own provisional solutions in such a way that they reliably remain in place, including the trot and canter! After a morning of tinkering, I had a testable variant: your thin pommel insert lined with 2 layers of your own foam/heating pipe insulation (sounds more adventurous than it looks). With this I was able to build a very steep and very narrow pommel. With this attitude I rode 3 more times: small riding arena, riding hall, longer ride. Orlano was lucky. I was able to sit him out and he walked easily on the given reins. I galloped off-road in a group, the knee rolls give support and a feeling of security without being in the way. Even the trot passages in the country with a light seat were no problem for Orlano, he walked easily with a deep nose without tensing up.

So I think you've really succeeded in squaring the circle:

- a flexible saddle that can be placed on different horses and adjusted if necessary with the inserts in the saddle pads.

- a saddle that allows the horse's movements to be felt more easily/clearly

- a treeless saddle that provides a narrow feel and allows for your own arbitrary and reliably positioned individual adjustments

- a treeless saddle in which the stirrup attachment is so cleverly placed that it exerts so little pressure even when loaded that my fairly sensitive horse (see above, on the subject of insert pads) refrains from pointing it out.

I'm looking forward to having "my own felt saddle" on my horse after 3 years of tinkering and trying out different treeless/felt saddles! :-)

Thank you very much for the ingenious implementation of my "requirements in individual settings"!

Best regards, Mary Goehler

Inga Höfener on the Dressage flex

Hello Ms Linke,

The wait was worth it! I am absolutely amazed at how beautiful the saddle turned out! The leather, stitching and embellishments are wonderful! He is - as far as I can tell - wonderful on the horse and she seems to feel comfortable with it too.

Thank you very much!

Many greetings

Inga Höfener

Daniela Maurer, Switzerland

The saddle is great. The riding feeling is great and I am very satisfied with the workmanship and the saddle itself. However, I can say that I tested the Epona for the first time about 3 years ago and have been enthusiastic about these saddles ever since.
I would like to compliment you on the customer service. Thank you for meeting me in so many different ways.

Erika Veskóczi Budaházi on the La Selle Felt Saddle Premium

Dear Susann,

I received the saddle yesterday. It is beautiful and fits my horse perfectly. Riding in this saddle is a new experience, I can give the aids so easily and sitting is safe. I am very happy and proud to have this saddle. I like him so much and I think my horse likes him too! Thank you very much!

Kind regards

Erika Veskóczi Budaházy