Riding better with a La Selle saddle

The seat of the La Selle saddle allows you to find a balanced and natural seat. Many conventional saddles force the rider into a predetermined seating position. This may cause the rider to feel uneasy in the saddle or the horse to be restricted in its movement.


With a La Selle saddle you will feel the difference. It gives you the security of a traditional saddle while offering the freedom to find your individual seating position. In this way, you are given a better chance to analyse your horse’s movements in order to give more precise and fine aids as a rider.

The natural seat promoted by the special shaping of the La Selle saddle

A La Selle saddle conveys the feeling for the horse’s movements to you. As the rider, you are seated precisely on the spot. As the horse moves, this spot also moves to the left or to the right. Through the arch in the seat, you can decide with which sit bone you want to influence the horse. You can therefore easily create flexion and bend through your seat.

The seat also offers you a neutral seating position. In this position, your horse will move in its natural working gait. By shifting your pelvis to the front, you will animate your horse to increase the speed. When you shift your pelvis backwards, it will automatically collect or stop.

The padding of the seat consists of a multi-layered structure. This makes the seat comfortable to sit in while it is still thin enough for your weight aids to be conveyed precisely.

The panels

Our sandwich panels are shaped to anatomically fit the horse. They consist of several layers with the bottom made of a special foam. This base is particularly stable and permanently elastic. It is therefore not necessary to upholster these panels for a long time. That also guarantees the panels to stay even, soft and free of knots.

To ensure optimal ventilation of the horse’s back, we insert a special breathable leather as an interlayer in the panels. In case slight fitting changes are necessary, it is possible to upholster the panels. Due to the multi-layered structure, the initial form can always be restored.

A broad spinal canal, individually made for your horse, is self-evident.

The La Selle leather tree

The combination of flexibility and weight transmission of the rider is only possible with our unique saddle tree!

The La Selle leather tree is the heart of your saddle. Its special multi-layered structure of well-chosen leathers and its thought-out stitching make this singular saddle tree stable and yet extremely flexible.

Our leather tree has been tested during many years of continuous use. We are very proud to report that not one of our La Selle leather tree saddles has ever got deformed or damaged. That’s where real craftsmanship, premium materials and strict quality controls pay off for your advantage.

Of course, a La Selle leather tree saddle is adaptable at any time. So it is no problem to refit the saddle in case your horse gains or loses muscles.

Our gullet and cap plates are forged and embedded in the saddle tree. We guarantee the exclusive use of premium material that has been processed by skilled craftsmen. In addition, the base chassis is strengthened and shaped through further layers of leather and special polymers.

The La Selle leather tree saddle stands out due to its special anatomical shaping. Short points at the front and the back as well as a broad midsection provide a large contact area on the horse’s back. That’s how it optimises your horse’s ability to move under saddle. The multi-layered structure and the reinforcement through the gullet and cap plates make the tree stable in certain areas whereas other areas stay flexible. Therefore, you will gain a secure and calm seat while you are still able to feel and influence your horse’s movements.