Our leather

Underlying our choice of leathers is a strict quality control. The most important aspects are:

  1. Origin: We obtain all our leathers from German and European tanneries. That way we are sure that environmental, animal protection and working regulations of the EU are met in the production of our leathers. Our main suppliers of leather are situated in Germany, England and Italy.
  2. Durability: The leather type and thickness are chosen according to their usage. They shall last long, be tear-resistant and fulfil their purpose ideally. In addition all our flap leathers (!) are UV- and waterresistant. They stay true to their original colour, even after years of use and don’t get stained by water. Be careful: Seat leather is in general more sensitive!
  3. Care: Because of their great durability our leathers need a minimum of care. Good storage and occasional cleaning with saddle soap and balm are enough to keep your saddle in a very good condition for a long time!
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