Legeré – Multi-Flex


United in the harmonious composition!


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In combination with a soft felt saddle flap and velcro rolls for cross country riding use, this very short and lightLa Selle saddle is very extravagant and allows the horse to move even more.

The Legere' by La Selle is a combination of novelties:

- a supple, dimensionally stable saddle flap made of felt

- interchangeable booster seats for the rider

- Upholsterable, cut-out Velcro cushions

- The leather tree from La Selle offers stability for stronger felt saddle lovers

- Stirrups-bar with hooks

- The replaceable carbon-plastic head and the cantle-carbon-plastic ensure additional stability

- Can be used with or without carbon-plastic head

- optional velcro knee rollers for young horses and cross-country rides

- Despite the large seat, the panel is very short

- Very light saddle with little own weight

- Flexible straps

- Better pressure distribution for the horse when to tighten the girth

- Stirrup suspension with straps on behind

- Soft but not spongy sitting feeling

- Even more flexible and faster adaptation to the horse

- Also available in 16", 17" and 18" seat sizes.

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