Build of the saddle

Our La Selle saddles are all manufactured by hand. We avoid fastening technologies leading to material fatigue. Therefor the La Selle saddle can be changed at any time, again and again. Joints are made through seams and we don’t use staples or clamps.

Especially after breaks of training because of sickness, winter pelage, changing fodder or new training routines a test of the saddle fit and adaption to the new situation is crucially important.

The simple adjustability of our saddles is achieved, for example by fastening our gullet plate with screws, so they are easy to exchange. The gullet plates, in standard and XL size (for horses with a broader bone structure) can be changed between 27cm to 34cm width and adjusted to fit the horses back, any time!


The variable gullet plate



The two different gullet plates we use at La Selle – standard and the wide XL-size – are choosen according to the horses back measurement and it’s bone structure. They are installed in our saddlery and can be changed here without trouble at any time. The XL gullet plate was specially developed for horses with a broad spine. The wide spinal canal gives the horses spinous processes the necessary room during bends. This freedom to move is often restricted by saddles with unfitting gullet plates and narrow spinal canals. The XL gullet plate is built in without extra charge.


The panels

Sattelkissen unterteil klein ohne Logo Our sandwich panels are done to anatomically fit the horse. They are multi-layered, with a special foam as base, which is particularly dimensionally stable and permanently elastic. It isn’t necessary to upholster these panels for a long time. That also guarantees the panels to stay soft and free of knots. To ensure optimal ventilation of the horse back, we use a special breathable leather as interlayer inside the panels as well. To adapt the panels to slight fitting changes, it is possible to upholster the panels, and due to the multilayered structure be restored to its’ initial form. A broad spinal canal, individually made for your horse, is self-evident.


The professional "saddle pad with cutout" from La Selle

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In order to get an even finer feeling for the horse, we offer the rider the option of making the saddle pad with a special cutout.

For a small surcharge, we can work this cutout into our wool and foam pillows. The previous users are enthusiastic.


La Selle wool panel

As alternative for the foam panel, La Selle offers the possibility of building a wool panel for your saddle.

A wool panel can be adjusted to the special needs of your horse individually, and changed according to the changing needs of the horse. The wool adapts to the anatomy oft he horse back. And the fit can be adjusted by a saddler, sometimes directly at the stable. The characteristics that are most vital for the quality of a wool panel are: the filling and the saddler, who does the fitting. Our wool panels are filled with kapok, a cotton-like natural fibre from Java. Kapok is especially soft and short threaded, making it comfortable for the horse and settling according to the horses’ anatomy. The short threads prevent it from knotting, in contrast to the often used industry or felt wools, and make it easy to adjust the panel through upholstery. Once the wool has settled, there is no annoing ‘elastic spring’-effect. This effect often shows up on saddles with industry wool panels, because the wool always moves back to its’ original form and doesn’t settle down. This can be irritating for horse and rider, and prevents the rider from transferring fine aids through seat and weight. A thin foam layer ensures a consistent surface and protects the panel leather. For horses with atrophied muscles we can broaden the front panel rib. This gives the saddle front better halt and makes it easier for the horses’ shoulder to move underneath the panel. A build in shoulder freedom isn’t necessary for most horses, because of the soft padding. In extreme cases a shoulder freedom can be added by sparing this part of the panel.

In contrast to the foam panel a wool panel needs to be taken care of regularly and professionally. This should be considered carefully when deciding whether to choose a wool or foam panel.

The wool panel has to be checked and if needed upholstered bi-annual, preferably in spring and autum. We advise our customers to completely change the wool every four years, in order to preserve it’s positive characteristics. For comparison: the industry wool with is standard for most English saddles should be renewed every two to three years.

All upholstery and fit changes on a La Selle saddle should only be done by a professional saddler, who has attended a La Selle schooling.


The flexible wedge panel

We have recently upgraded almost all La Selle saddles with the possibility to adjust the gullet plate. With the increased flexibility, we can easily fit the saddle to a horse changing its shape. Therefore, we have managed to make the La Selle saddles even more attractive.

In order to readjust the centre of gravity of the saddle, it is important not only to adjust the gullet plate, which assures an optimal angle to the horse’s shoulder. Taking a holistic view, it is often necessary to adapt the back panel as well.

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La Selle has developed the possibility to attach a wedge panel to the saddle tree if necessary. The Velcro technique allows a flexible and safe adjustment while maintaining the optimal broad panel surface. In other saddles, the saddle panels are often excessively upholstered which entails the risk that the panels become too hard and round. This can cause the horses to get bruises in their musculature.

As our wedge panels are available in different thicknesses, our La Selle saddles can be adjusted even more flexibly and individually to the exact shape and size. This makes the difference to several other conventional saddles.

Exchangeable cap plate


Our La Selle saddles do not only feature an exchangeable gullet plate but also an exchangeable cap plate.

They are available in three heights:

F = flat – for horses built downhill

and              M = medium – depending on the centre of gravity

and              H = high – for normal horsebacks

The cap plate is located under the back gallery.

It is easily exchangeable when removing and reattaching the panels.

Best regards from the saddlery,

The La Selle Team

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The seat

Most conventional saddles force the rider to sit in a certain, predetermined way. This can result in an unpleasant riding experience and a hindering of the horses movements. With a La Selle saddle you feel the difference! The shaping of the seat gives you the opportunity to sit in a well-balanced and natural way. You get the security of a traditional saddle and the freedom to ride in a relaxed and natural position.

Achieve a natural seat through the special shaping in a La Selle saddle !

A La Selle saddle gives a feeling for your horses’ movements. As rider you sit precisely and on point. That point moves, as your horse does, from left to right. Because of the seats’ curvature you can apply weight aids deliberately through your ischial tuberosities. Flexion and bend can be achieved through your seat. The padding of the seat consists of a multi-layered structure. This makes the seat comfortable to sit in, yet it stays thin enough to allow for your weight aids to be transmitted precisely.

The seat offers a neutral seating position. In the position your horse can move in its’ natural working gaits. By shifting your pelvis to the front, you animate your horse to extend its’ pace. Whereas shifting your pelvis to the back will naturally have your horse collect or halt.


The seat variations for all La Selle leather tree saddles

When ordering a La Selle leather tree saddle you can choose between these three seat versions:

It’s possible to order the seat as

2.Deep (always combined with soft)
3.Raised and


The deep seat enables the rider to sit in a free but slightly adherent position, which is very pleasant when riding horses with a lot of impulsion. The horses movements don’t get disturbed, while the rider maintains his full hip mobility. The deep seat is always combined with the soft seat, for maximum comfort. This seat offers a slightly preshaped seating surface. Nevertheless the seat doesn’t restrict the riders’ natural position! The deep seat is intended for riders, who find this shape more comfortable, yet don’t want to miss the advantages of the La Selle feeling.

We have made the experience, that riders on horses with a very broad costal arch often get hip pain due to a uncomfortable seating position. In this case the rider should sit a bit raised above the horse, in order to avoid the tension caused by a stilted leg positioning. With the raised seat the rider can sit in a more natural an relaxed position even on a broad horse back!

The communication between rider and horse can only work out well if both are at ease and in a comfortable position! Therefore it is very important for us at La Selle, to satisfy the demands of all our customers, concerning the seat of their La Selle saddle!


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Knee rolls and back block

Our saddle models L’Art pour L’Art, Dressage and Agile feature kneerolls as standard. These can be made to individually fit the riders‘ needs. They can be build shorter or longer, bigger or smaller, or the saddle is build without them.

On request we can even furnish a Epona/ Masterpiece, Capiole and Liberte‘ with knee rolls!


Saddle flaps

A familiar problem to some: The saddle fits the horse, the rider is seated comfortably, but the flap end always interferes with the riding boots. Or it’s located near the hollow of the knee and is painfully rubbing there. Or the flap is too long and hindering leg aids!

Because our La Selle leather tree saddles aren’t only made to fit the horse, but made to fit the rider as well, you can order your La Selle saddle with an individual flap length!

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Valentino Collage klein

The galleries, that border the seats front and back, take the look of baroque saddles into our time!

They provide security without restricting the rider, and they are real eye-catchers!

In the classic, plain version or with our countless opportunities to personalize, they emphasise the natural grace of horse and rider.

Every of our saddle models can be provided with stable or small soft galleries, as the customer wishes.

As standards the Epona, L’Art pour L’Art and Agile are produced with stable galleries, whereas the Dressage has the small, soft galleries.

The customer can choose to combine both types as well!


Terms and designations

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