Made in Germany

Each La Selle saddle is manufactured in our saddlery in Rossendorf, on the outskirts of Dresden, in hundreds of steps by hand.

With love to perfection our saddlers produce them, following exact guidelines for quality.

Our customers can chose between different leathers and colours, as well as personalising the saddles in various other ways.


Flap and seam colours

The flap leather at La Selle is vegetable tanned, with no synthetic finishes. It looks natural and true to its’ original colour, even after years of use!

In our quality check, we assure that only the best parts of a hide will be used for the production.


Saddle leathers brown with possible seam colors

Beschriftung lfd. Nr. Nahtfarbe  
1 schwarz  
2 Dunkelbraun  
3 London  
4 Weiß  
5 Sand  
6 Beige  
7 Silbergrau  
braun nahtfarben


Saddle leather london with possible seam colors

Beschriftung lfd. Nr. Nahtfarbe  
1 schwarz  
2 Dunkelbraun  
3 London  
4 Weiß  
5 Sand  
6 Beige  
7 Silbergrau  
london nahtfarben


Saddle leather black with possible seam colors

Beschriftung lfd. Nr. Nahtfarbe  
1 schwarz  
2 Dunkelbraun  
3 London  
4 Weiß  
5 Sand  
6 Beige  
7 Silbergrau  
8 Blau  
9 Rot  
Neu Nathfarben schwarz klein ohne Logo



 Color variations of the seat leather smooth or rough

Leather colors seat leather and gallery

Beschriftung lfd. Nr. Lederfarbe zu verwendende Lederseite Hinweis
1 Schwarz G&R (glatt&rau) Gerberei Kobel
2 Havanna (Dunkelbraun) G&R Gerberei Kobel
3 Tan (Helllbraun-Honig) G&R Metropolitan Leder
4 Negro (Schwarzbraun) G&R Gerberei Kobel
5 Teak (Rotbraun) G&R Gerberei Kobel
6 London (kräftig Honig dunkel) G&R Gerberei Kobel
7 Weiß G&R Ziegenleder
8 Ecrue (Helles Creme) G&R englisches Leder
9 Sand (Beige) G&R englisches Leder
10 Hellgrau G&R englisches Leder
11 Zinn G&R Gerberei Kobel
12 Grün Mittelgrün) G&R englisches Leder
13 Natur (hell) R Hirschleder

Addition "G" = smooth leather, smooth leather side can be used
Addition "R" = raw leather, rough leather side can be used
Addition "G&R" = Smooth- and raw leather, smooth and raw leather side can be used

Seat leather variants smooth

Sitzlederfarben mit Logo klein mit Nummer klein


Seat leather variants raw

Sitzlederfarben rau mit Logo klein mit Nummer


Stirrup-bars at La Selle

D-ring or safety hook?

Chose yourself! If you want to compete with your saddle or prefer a plus on safety, you should opt for the safety hook, at the price of 95€.


Tooling and engraving

Tooling is a way to embelish areas of the saddle with swifel knife and tooling stamps.

That way big areas can get a certain pattern, for example the basket- or triweave, commonly used on wetsern saddles, or a individual three-dimensional application like a flower, picture or lettering. To be suitable for tooling, the leather has to absorb water, in order to be shaped precisely. This is only possible with natural, undyed leathers. The leathers colour can be changed later on with oil.

A tooled saddle is always a unique piece of craftmanship.

19025161 1017090135113546 4744173961101991213 o
punzierung k   punzierung galerie2

Epona saddle in black, seat cover rough black and silver grey seams, with engraved Letter „K“

 There is also the possibility to punch the saddle with the galleries


An engraving is a cutting into the leather, similar to the first step in the hallmarking. Thus, individual lines and shapes can be attached to the saddle as an ornament. An engraving can be applied to all parts of the saddle with solid leather, regardless of color.

La Selle Gravierung Sattelblatt




Laser engraving

You can have your personal logo or initial letters laser engraved onto your saddle. Price upon request.



epona braun logo gelasert
epona braun logo gelasert2
Epona dark brown, rough tan seat cover, stitched flap, small, soft front gallery, laser engraved Logo on flaps Epona dark brown, rough havanna seat cover, London seams, laser engraved logo