The La Selle felt saddle standard

"Learn how it is to ride a horse"

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For ponies, small horses and big horses

Our sheep wool felt is breathable, pressure resilient, durable and isolates from heat and cold. Due to the natural material we use for the felt saddle, it is also very environmentally friendly.

Cattle-leather edging makes the felt more durable.

Broad panels guarantee a good weight distribution and free spinal canal.

The seat is slightly elevated, which makes it more comfortable to sit in, especially on horses with broad back.

Our adjustable stirrup bar, allows for the comfortable use of stirrups to gain security and a good leg positioning even for children! It can also be removed completely. The use of stirrups doesn’t put any pressure on the horses’ spine, which was of crucial importance when deciding to build a felt saddle with stirrup bars!

Our La Selle felt saddle can be used for training in the arena and hacking alike. It’s suitable for dressage and leisure time riding as well as riding schools.

Since the felt saddle is more pad-like and treeless it has no stiff front arch and no gullet bar, which makes it possible to use the felt saddle on different horses.

Beginners can feel the horses’ movements and learn to balance with them.

Because of hygienic reasons we don’t offer felt saddles for test riding. But you can come and take a look at the felt saddle in our saddlery in Dresden or upon request with our distribution partners.


Colours :
     Felt: grey or light nature
     Seat and edging: black, brown and london





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Pony size
Seat: 15" to 17"
Area of weight distribution
on the horse back: ca. 38-40 cm
Overall length: ca. 50 cm
Small Horse
Seat: 16" to 17"
Area of weight distribution
on the horse back: ca. 46 cm
Overall length: ca. 54 cm
Big Horse
Seat: 17" to 18"
Area of weight distribution
on the horse back: ca. 50 cm
Overall length: ca. 60 cm


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Please pay attention to the following aspects when using the La Selle felt saddle:

The La Selle felt saddle often seems very high when putting the saddle on at first. This doesn’t indicate a bad fit! It is on the contrary indicated, to allow the material to settle properly and not disturb the spine with a riders’ weight on it.

We recommend the use of a short-dressage girth with parallel buckles, to ensure the correct fit and positioning. We offer a girth, specially developed to go with the felt saddle.

The La Selle felt saddle can be used without a saddle cloth. If you want to use one, we recommend our thin cotton numnah. The numnah can be machine washed at 30°C.

The felt saddle itself can only be handwashed with greasing detergents (for example lambskin detergents) up to a temperature of 30°C.

To protect the leather against drying out, you shouldn’t store your felt saddle in a warm room with dry air.

If the La Selle saddle doesn’t live up to your expectations you can return it within 14days. Please note, that we can only take the felt saddle back, and restore the payment, if it carries no traces of usage! We’d therefor advise you to use a saddle cloth when riding your felt saddle for the first time.

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